Sunday, August 28, 2011

Noodle saves the day!

 Not just any noodle, a pool noodle!  Well it might not have saved the whole day, but it does save some little fingers from getting pinched.  Bacon Bit is crawling everywhere, he even learned how to climb steps the other day and now we're in trouble.  He's gone in the blink of an eye and his favorite thing to play with right now is doors.  I've been baby proofing everywhere, and needed to find a solution to his love with doors. The noodle came to the rescue.  I had a noodle the kids weren't playing with out in the garage and I decided to give it a shot.  It works awesome!  I cut  about a 5 inch section from the noodle.  Then I cut a slit along the side to the middle.  Insert it over the door and we have saved fingers!  I did place this on the hinge side of the door, that way the door won't close as far, but you can put it on either side. 

Oh and for those of you who don't have kids, don't pass up that pool noodle just yet!  Do you hate when your doors slam shut from the breeze? The cool weather here in central MN has us keeping our windows open more often.  But I was always trying to find things heavy enough to put in front of the doors to keep them open.  And can you guess what would happen when I did find something? Yes the kids would decide they wanted to play with it!  These are a perfect solution to keep the doors from slamming shut in your house. So watch for those pool noodles to go on the end of the season sale. Or scour the garage and see if you have one out there.  Now sit back and enjoy that breeze!


  1. Just found your blog! I will be visiting often. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and all around great tips!

  2. SHAH! I have mixed feelings about baby-proofing. It has to be developmentally appropriate. I believe that if kids slam their fingers once, they learn to avoid doing things that will damage their digits...IF and ONLY IF they are old enough to understand the cause and the effect. Once they understand 'cause and effect', I ease up on baby-proofing. I think that if we need to baby-proof to save life or limb, I'm all for it...
    with that said...I love the idea of not having to prop various items to keep our bedroom doors from slamming when the windows are open....the laundry hamper in front of my bedroom door, a nebulizer for my daughters door...a stool for the boys door. I'm going to cut pool noodles in the morning! I'm thinking I might poke a hole in them and tie a string to the hinge so that they are always at the ready....hmmm