Sunday, October 28, 2012

Did the bacon just move?

What? Bacon move? No I'm sure I cooked it all the way.

No not my breakfast, the Bacon family?

Yes it's true we are moving! Three hours north!  It's been a busy long process and we can't wait to be all settled in. It will be a new adventure with new stores to shop at with all new prices to fit into our budget. Also Ma Bacon got a job. I know many who visit here say I can make all the homemade goodies because I don't work much.  Well We'll see how that works with Ma Bacon taking on a new roll of full time worker and mama!  Please stick around. I promise more posts to come when we are all settled in and have internet again! Thanks again to all they readers- old and new who keep visiting my blog!  I love hearing though comments and emails how helpful it's been.