Monday, August 22, 2011

Thanks a Latte!

A little package arrived on my door step today.  I'm always happy to get good mail.  Ok so I knew this one was coming, but I'm still excited.  Little Miss Bacon is happier to get the junk mail!  She happily opens and plays with the pieces until it's time for them to go in the recycle bin.  But my box in the mail was not destine for the recycle bin, oh no, this one held a yummy treasure!  So what did I get and who sent it?  I got a grinder! Not just any grinder but one to feed my addiction.... COFFEE!  Sis Bacon sent me a surprise grinder for my fancy coffee drinks (THANKS SIS BACON!).  It's a combination of sugars, chocolate and coffee beans.  Of course I had to try it out right away.  And what better way to try it out than on something new! 
The weather has been cooler the past week or so and I'm loving it. Really if it could stay mid 70's during the day with lows in the upper 50's I'd be one happy camper!  That is just how the weather has been the past few days and it makes me think of one thing. FALL!  Of course I don't want any talk of that white stuff that falls from the sky though. I'm no where near ready for that!  Ah yes, fall, and pumpkins too.  Which means pumpkin cookies!  Yes I made my first batch of those yummy pumpkin spice cookies already too.  They didn't last long! Go on try them out if you didn't last year.  But how about some coffee to go with them? Perhaps a pumpkin latte!

Delicious sums it up and here is how to make your own and one to share!
This recipe makes 2 large mugs.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
2 cups milk
1.5 cups coffee
3-4 heaping teaspoons of pumpkin puree (not pie filling)
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
3/4 tsp cinnamon
pinch of both ginger and nutmeg - these are both optional
1 tsp vanilla
1-2 TBSP sugar

First place 2 cups milk and pumpkin puree in a microwave safe bowl. Heat on high for two minutes. 
Next carefully (because this is hot remember!) dump the milk and pumpkin into a blender.  Add in coffee, vanilla, and spices. 

Place the lid on the blender and mix. I used the puree and liquefy buttons on my blender.  You don't have to mix it long, a minute or two and you're good!  See all the frothy goodness!  Yes this is why you use the blender, for the foam!  The other reason is it helps mix up the spices easier, and you won't feel like you're drinking grit in your coffee. 

Place your pumpkin latte in your favorite mug.  And don't forget to add some cool whip.  Every good barista knows the cool whip makes the coffee!  Add a little sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.

And don't forget a few twists from the new fun grinder too! 
Now you're ready to enjoy!  Ahhhh.... Happy (soon to be) Fall!

Now like I said, this makes a large batch, don't worry if it settles out while you wait for your second cup.  A whip though the blender and it's mix back up.  So go enjoy your second cup too, it tastes great with those cookies!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I made this with coconut milk and decaff and it was still good :) Thanks for the recipe, I'm sure it'll save me more than a couple bucks since pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite!

  2. Hi,
    Found your budget planner on Pinterest and would like to pay my compliments to you for your organised diligence. It is the planning and the sticking to it that makes the most difference.
    The fact that you include all your children in the planning stages makes for happy eaters.
    No, your weekly shop/menu will not suit all but thank you for your taking the time/trouble to put this on site. I'm from the UK and many things I would need to adapt to enable to shop but you give many ideas that can be used by ALL who choose to make use of your ideas.
    My thanks and good luck with your continued budgeting.
    Just one question, do you have a 'store cupboard' for emergencies? This is where should anything happen where the money does not come in any months for illness or accidents etc, you have the ability to use your store cupboard that you constantly rotate so that it is always kept fresh and up to date?
    Again, my thanks and my admiration.

  3. Im 25..single mom with 6 kids working 6 days a week. My goal is to support my kids on my own without assistance but I was nervous because our food assistance was cut to $208mo. This post was extremely helpful. Thank you!! Ive been looking at crock pot meals as well:)

  4. I'm sorry but this budget list is completely unrealistic!!! You should mention that you live in MN which accounts for the super-powered pricing. Milk is $5 and change/gallon here and I never find taco shells for that price unless you're referring to the tax! Nice try tho!

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