Monday, July 12, 2010

Just the beginning...

Often I get people rolling their eyes at my frugality, but I also get lots of people asking "how do you do it?" or asking what my secrets are. So I've decided to write down a few of the simple thing we do around our house to help us keep that hard earned cash Mr. Bacon brings home to us last just a bit longer. He's bringing home the bacon, and we're all trying hard keep it in our pockets.

I have to say we weren't always this good with our money. It took the birth of our 2nd child 'little miss bacon' to get us to look at our spending. I was staying at home with the kids leaving us a one income family. It wasn't easy looking at the hard facts about our money spending. But it sure was an eye opener! Thankfully we are on the right road now,and with soon to be a family of 6 we need it. And hopefully I can share some ideas to help you keep your bacon in your pocket too! Thanks for stopping by.

Ma Bacon

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