Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend shopping trip

This past weekend was payday which means time to grocery shop. We planned out our menu and what else we needed around the house and made our list. This week was a challenge since we have birthdays for both our boys this week- 4 days apart! But we headed out to the store with our list in hand and managed to keep to budget. We spent $82.73 of our $80 budget so not too bad.

Here is our meal list for the next 2 weeks.
*Griled chicken, wild rice, veggies, biscuits
*Tacos & fresh fruit
*Ham and hashbrown bake, Veggie
*Chicken wraps & fruit
*Homemade pizza
*BBQ's, Fruit salad, mac & cheese
*Tinfoil dinner (potatos, carrots, onions, and mini meatballs- wrapped in tinfoil and cooked on the grill- super easy to do!)
*bowtie chicken (pasta, chicken, zucchini, red peppers)
*Turkey, mashed taters, veggie
*Mini burgers on the grill, twice baked potatoes, veggie
*Spaghetti and french bread
*Steaks, grilled potatoes, salad, shrimp
*out to eat for Bacon Jr's bday
*Out to eat for little boy bacon's bday

(now before you panic for seeing us going out to eat twice in one week, (heck I'm panicing!) we let the kids pick where they would like to go out to eat (or what special meal they'd like) for their birthdays each year. This is a special treat for them. We just happen to have 2 birthdays in the same week. We do budget for this and it comes out of the money we set aside each month for gifts)

For our meals, we had quite a bit of it on hand. We usually buy all our meats in bulk at sams club. It seems be be a better deal than the sales they have at the stores near us. I'll try to get a copy of my receipt to post on here if you're wondering just what the heck can you buy for $80?!

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