Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it REALLY Cheaper? Homemade pizza continued...

About a week ago I was talking to a friend about the homemade frozen pizzas I make. (I happened to make up EIGHT of them that day!) And she asked me the big question "Is it really that much cheaper to make your own vs. buying a frozen pizza?"

So I decided to figure out just how much does cost so you could see for yourself. We do buy a lot of our pizza ingredients at Sam's club in bulk so that does effect the cost of our pizzas too.

I made four 16" supreme pizza's for Mr. Bacon and myself, Here is what I used and the cost:

This is what I prepared for making 4 pizzas
  • Homemade crust- I've figured this out before, it costs about $1.50 to make the crust recipe I posted and I get 2- 16" thin crust pizzas from it. Cost per pizza $.75
  • Canadian bacon (ham bought in bulk at sam's club sold in 4 packs) I use 1/4 a pack on a pizza. Cost per pizza $ .50
  • Italian sausage: $2.50 a pounds- I put 1/4 lb sausage on a pizza. Cost per pizza .63
  • pepperoni (bought in bulk again- $10 for a big bag and I get about 20 pizzas out of it!) Cost per pizza: .50
  • Fresh mushrooms- $1.88 on the container/ 4 pizzas= Cost per pizza: .47
  • Green pepper $1/4 pizza's = Cost per pizza: .25
  • Red pepper$1.75/4 pizza's= Cost per pizza: .44
  • Green olives $1/4 pizza's= Cost per pizza: .25
  • Black olives $1.25/4 pizza's= Cost per pizza: .31
  • Onion (only used 1/2 of the onion I bought for all 4 pizzas) $1.00/2 =.50/ 4 pizzas: Cost per pizza: .13
  • Homemade pizza sauce (I make my own from the tomato's grown in our garden, When I don't have homemade I get about 2 pizza's from a CAN of store bought pizza sauce) Cost of my homemade sauce $1.50/ pint jar. We don't like a ton of sauce on our pizzas so I get 4 pizza's from a jar. Cost per pizza .38
  • Cheese bought in bulk again for $10 a bag, and I get 8 pizza's from each bag- Ok, we like a lot of cheese! Cost per pizza Cost per pizza: $1.25
So lets add them up: Cost per supreme pizza is $5.86 for a 16" pizza. No too bad. Some frozen pizzas are cheaper in the store if you are just looking at cost. But this is for a big 16" pizza vs the 14" pizza's that are average in the store. To me this is the better deal even for a little bit of work.

All loaded up and ready to go in the oven for par-baking

When I make pizza's for the kids the cost is greatly cheaper. They only like sausage and pepperoni on their pizzas so for $3.50. No too bad either. We make 2 big pizza's for dinner at our house and have plenty left over for lunch the next day too.

So the savings is up to you....and who can turn down homemade pizza!


  1. That looks so good. I might have to make pizza for dinner tomorrow :)

  2. Also your pizza has a ton of yummy toppings so I'm sure you get full quicker than eating a store bought one, which leaves you with leftovers the next day....thus saving even more money....I don't how I ended up hear at 3 am...but I like your site!

  3. Do you bake your pizza before freezing it? If you freeze it before baking, how do you freeze it without killing the yeast???