Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classroom gifts on a budget

This year we made teacher gifts and gifts to hand out to our classroom friends for all the kids. They were easy to make and best of all they didn't hurt our pocketbook. We spent under $15 for 6 teacher gifts and enough supplies to make 70 reindeer.

For our Class room friends we made these cute Ruldoph the red nosed candy canes. The kids really had fun helping glue on the eyes and nose and twist on the antlers. It was an easy craft that they could actually help with. Because some of the best gifts you give are hand made! They all got wonderful reviews from the kids classmates.

For our teachers I didn't want to break the bank either. And I've heard enough times from teacher friends that they have plenty of candles, body lotion and #1 teacher items. But everyone loves chocolate right?!

I found some yummy Ghirardelli pepermint chocolate bars on one of the christmas sales this year. I wrapped it simple in a piece of christmas wrapping paper turned to the back side. Added some ribbon and a few bells, a sticker and a handwritten thank you & note on it. The kids added their thanks and name too. I hope they liked them. If you're still looking for a quick gift for someone special, these are wonderful, cheap gifts that the kids can help with and will still leave you with bacon in your wallet!

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