Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fixed that problem!

A while ago I was able to get a Lysol hands free soap pump for free with 2 bonus refills. I love the idea that I don't have to touch my soap dispenser to get soap, especially when I've just cut up raw chicken or handled burger. Helps cut down on germs around the house. Or at least I hope! With 4 kids around, the less we are sick the better. It didn't take too long before we needed another refill for it. Being Ma Bacon, I thought I could just pop the top (Or bottom I guess if you've ever seen one of these) off and refill it with my cheap soap. No chance. I tried everything to pop the top off to refill it with no success. Sigh... off to the store I go.

I was shocked to say the least at how much the refills for them cost! At our walmart it was $3.50!! I gulped and reluctantly bought another one. I had a hard time with the cost as you can imagine, keep buying those and there won't be much bacon to stash in my pockets! I was chatting with an online friend today about how I love the soap dispenser but hate how expensive the refills were and she gave me the solution I was looking for!

She told me that she had her husband drill a hole in the top, and then used a cork to plug the hole once she refilled the dispenser! GENIUS! Of course my dispenser just ran out this morning too, just my luck! I had to try it. I got out my handy drill and got to work.

A few minutes of time, some surgery with a tiny drill bit and a knife and viola! Ok so it doesn't look all that pretty, but that's what I get when I'm too impatient to wait for Mr. Bacon to come home and help me. I did file down the edges so it's not so sharp after drilling several little holes with my tiny drill bit and cutting them apart with the knife. All I needed was a cork for it. I grabbed one of our wine corks that we keep in a jar in our kitchen and cut it apart to make the perfect stopper! I refilled it with dish washing soap and tested it out. Works perfect! Problem solved and more money to keep for myself!


  1. Thanks for sharing Jen! I was thinking this would be great in my kitchen but hadn't bought it for that reason!
    -Kristina :)

  2. I bought this after your ideal on filling it, but I have found if you use a turkey injector or big suringe as a funnel you can refuel it with out drilling a hole in the top.
    Just wanted to share what I figured out cause I love you site and all the usefull info on it.

  3. I do the same thing! But i figured out that if i used a very small screwdriver, it is possible to pop the top off. I'm not great at buying the cheapest stuff because i'm picky about smells, but i refilled it with Bath and Body Works Kitchen Lemon, and now it's hands free instead of gross and gummy. But i'm loving the comment about using a big syringe as a funnel.

  4. Hey!, i'm new at your blog, but here's a simpler way to refill the soap! Hope you like it :). By the way, love your advices.