Thursday, May 26, 2011

Need to save some bacon?

I know I post a lot of recipes. But there are other ways to save money besides making your own foods instead of buying it. I decided to take another inventory around the Bacon house to see where else we can cut out a few bucks. Here are some tips I wanted to share with you, how many of them do you do?

Tips for saving money around the house now that it's warmer out:

*It's spring now (well it's questionable here in Minnesota with the frost warnings still!), start opening the windows. Fresh air helps tire the kids out too, airs out those stinky rooms that have been closed up all winter, and helps cool off the house! Opening windows at night lets in the cool evening air too!

*Keep the curtains shut where the sun is coming in. Ok this seems opposite from what I just mentioned, but on really hot days, it's good to keep those shades closed when the sun is shining in to help keep the house cool, and run the AC less. We have also opted to tint with the peel n' stick kind, a few of our windows that let in a lot of light. It really has made a difference in keeping the Bacon house cool and the sun doesn't damage our floors and furniture as much.

*When you do have to use the A/C, close off rooms you are not in, and close off vents in your basement to keep the upstairs cooler.

*Unplug anything you are not using. Take a trip though your kitchen, unplug the toaster, the mixer, coffee pot anything you are not using at the moment. It's crazy how just having those items plugged in costs money even if they are not in use! OH and 'unplug' the kids too, from the TV that is. It's nice out side, let them burn of some of that energy out there!

*Turn off the dishwasher heat, just open the door after they are done washing and let them air dry. Or if the kids have been naughty, make them hand dry them when they have cooled down a bit! Better yet, have them hand wash them too! (ok so that doesn't work with the bacon kids yet, but in a few years I will be trying it out! Grandma Bacon always said she had 4 dishwashers in the house, it happened to be her kids!)

*Turn down the hot water heater. I thought about this the other day AGAIN after the water from the kitchen faucet burnt me. I have to get Mr. Bacon on this one right away.

*If you haven't switched already, wash your laundry in cold water when you can. It saves the money it would cost to heat the water!

*It's warm out, go hang the sheets outside! Ahh... you'll thank yourself for this one when you crawl into bed with fresh line dryed sheets.

*Keep up on replacing those light bulbs. We are all energy efficient bulbs at the Bacon house and it really does help lower the bill. Better yet in the summer, let the light in instead of turning on the light. It gets light out so early now (little boy bacon thinks just because it's light outside, it's time to get up, at 5:30 am. Oh he needs to learn how to tell time!) use the light instead of the lights!

*Cook outside more! It's nice outside now, or getting there so break out the grill! Oh how I miss grilling so much in the winter. We do still grill a bit in the snow, but some days it's just too cold! Also break out the crock pots and stove top recipes to avoid using the oven. If you do have to use the oven, try to combine as much cooking as you can. Bake up a batch of cookies, make dinner, a banana bread, ect so you won't have to use the oven for a few days again hopefully.

*Combine shopping trips! Gas is unreal for a gallon right now! We try to go to town only twice a month to do our shopping. We try to combine as many stops as we can into our day. Yes it gets long for the kids, bring some snacks and water so you don't get tempted to buy them!

*Check the tires! Keeping your tires inflated properly will help you save gas!

*It's garage sale season, OH how we love garage sale season!! No one loves it more than Little Miss Bacon, seriously she can sniff out a sale sign a mile away. Go though the kids clothes and figure out what sizes you'll need for fall, make a list so when you stop you can look for what you need and are not tempted to buy other treasures! Also while you are going though those closets, take out too small stuff and sell it at your own garage sale, or thrift store or donate it so you have extra space!

Well there is a good start! Now I know some of these don't sound like they'll make you rich, but every little bit counts and adds up fast! So take a walk around your house, how else can you save some Bacon? I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. I know this is not about your current post but I am hoping to try your yogurt recipe really soon and am wondering if you have any info on putting fruit chunks or jam in... at what point in the process would you do that? Or is it not possible to add it during the process (just after the process, when you are about to eat)? Thanks :)

  2. Ellen, I do not believe it would work during the yogurt making process. While the yogurt is sitting in the water bath, the bacteria in there is rapidly multiplying to make the yogurt and if other things are in there it might interfer with the process. I have not tried it at all thought. You're best bet would be to add the fruit after the yogurt is made. I hope it works out well when you make some.

  3. Thanks for the response :) I am excited to try this and if I get brave I may experiment a little (with small jars, not to spoil a whole bunch if it doesn't work). If I figure anything new out I will definately let you know :)