Monday, June 20, 2011

S'more's and Sushi

What a combination huh?!  That is what we cooked up at the bacon house for lunch today.  Now before you think my kids are real adventurous with their foods, read on!  It's a colder damp day around here, and lots of rambunctious kids running around so I needed something to stop them in their tracks for lunch today.  I was searching the other day on my newly founded favorite site Pinterest.  Anyone else on there?  I have to say it's addictive but I love that I can see all the great ideas I find on the Internet and organize them in one spot.  If you've never been to the site, it's a great!  In the past I would find an idea I wanted to try out and book mark the site.  But then my mommy brain would kick in I'd forget what I book marked!  Now I can save all the great ideas in one spot, have them by category and find them easy again by pictures.  The other great thing is you can browse other people's boards too and see what great ideas they've found and 'pin' them onto your board.  Now lets see if I can actually find time make all the things I've found!

So while searching that wonderful and addictive website I found PB&J sushi rolls.  Perfect for lunch today!  I used both tortillas and bread for our rolls.  For the bread I rolled them flat using my handy pastry roller, but you can also use a cup!  Cut them into strips about 1.5- 2 inches, spread some PB & J and roll up!   I earned extra points by adding some chopsticks to eat them with!  They are so cute, and yummy!

For dessert we needed a sweet treat too.  Again from that fun site I was able to find these s'more's on a stick.  Another great idea that even the kids can help with.  

Here's what you need:
 Graham crackers
Chocolate chips
sticks- I had these fancy sucker one's leftover from an attempt to make cake balls, but popsicle sticks would work too.

First crush your graham crackers in a baggie and then dump them in a bowl.

 Place your chocolate chips in a microwave safe dish. As for how many I used, I just guessed.  I wasn't making a ton of these so I think it was about 1/3 of a cup of chips.  Microwave until they are melted and stir. 

Prepare your marshmallows by inserting a stick into them.

Then start dipping them into your chocolate.  Roll them in the crushed graham crackers and place on wax paper.  Tada -  S'mores on a stick!  Now you can eat them just this way.  The warm chocolate reminded me of how they are around the campfire.  Or you can stick them in the freezer to let them firm up a little.  Once you pull them out of the freezer, stick them in the microwave for a few seconds- 5 was long enough for mine.  You want to watch the marshmallow start to puff up.  Then pull them out.  The marshmallow will be soft inside but the chocolate outside is still hard- delicious! Either way they are really good! Enjoy!

Ok I know  I'm late at adding this, but I thought I'd show off what else I did today.  Yes I've been busy! I had found this cute lovie on pinterest too!  I knew I had to make one so I broke out some paper to make a pattern and my sewing machine and about a half hour later 'Tilly' was born!  Bacon Bit LOVES it!


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