Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's just BIG chicken!

"I want chicken nuggets for dinner!"  Ever heard that one before? If not you must not have kids.  In my quest for what to make the kids for dinner one night I was begged and begged for chicken nuggets.  I finally gave in under one stipulation, I was making them from scratch.  Oh the moans and groans I got!  "No I want the one's in the freezer that we buy at the store." Miss Bacon exclaimed rather loudly.  I explained to her those chicken nuggets were just treats that we got sometimes.  But I did make her a promise mine would taste just like them, only bigger. She agree but not before telling me she wouldn't eat them if they didn't taste the same. Nothing like setting standards!  

I took 1 pound of chicken tenders and got to work!
Here is what else you'll need:
2 eggs
1/2 cup or so of flour
1 cup or so bread crumbs- I had a box of panko on hand, and I do say they make good breadcrumbs. Normally I just make my own from the butts of the bread.
favorite seasonings- I kept it simple with some salt and pepper

First take a baking sheet and spray with cooking spray. Then place each flour, bread crumbs and seasonings, and beaten eggs in separate bowls. 

Now it's time to get messy.  First take your chicken breast and cut it to desired size.  If you truly want nuggets, just cut the chicken smaller. You may need more breadcrumbs since there will be more to coat so keep the box handy.

Dip the chicken in flour.
Then dip it in the egg wash.
And roll it in the bread crumbs. 
Place the coated chicken on your baking sheet.  I baked mine at 350* for 25 minutes since I had bigger chicken tenders.  Cook them until the insides are white and no juice runs out.  I did flip mine at the half way point as well. 
And there you have it, homemade chicken nuggets.  The kids LOVED them.  Miss Bacon exclaimed "Mom, it's just BIG chicken!" and she ate almost 2 of them.  Even Bacon big had his share of chicken nuggets that night.  We paired these with some fries and fresh fruit.  It was an easy dinner for us.  These can also be frozen and heated in the microwave for quick lunches.  I did that with the leftovers and Bacon Bit has been one happy camper! 

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