Monday, September 12, 2011

It's harvest time!

 Yes it's that time of year again.  Our garden was overflowing and our friends generosity was too!  I received a message from a friend asking if we wanted some fresh sweet corn for free! You know we couldn't refuse that!  I was surprised when 52 ears of corn arrived on my door step, but welcomed everyone of them.  We set aside a few for dinner that night, but the rest had to go somewhere.  And the best place for it was in my freezer.  Veggies are very easy to prepare and freeze to enjoy all year long.  First take your corn and remove the husk.  Thanks to Mr. Bacon and some all too anxious to help Bacon kids this job was a breeze.

Then you need to clear some space.  Which requires me to move the fresh made danish puff that was cooling. Yes it looks yummy right?  I promise I'll post the recipe soon, it was handed down from Grandma Bacon.  
 Now that there is some space, take your corn and and give it a good brushing. Yes you read that right. Brush your corn.  You know all those silky hairs that get stuck in there, they don't taste all that well, so it's best to remove them now. I just take a bottle brush I use for cleaning fruit and veggies. 

Now get some water boiling.  Since we had so many cobs of corn and were a bit pressed for time this day I got two large kettles going.  Once the water is boiling, drop in a few ears of corn.  Be sure to not overcrowd the corn in the pots. I place four to six ears in each pot.  Once you put them in you want the water to return to a boil within a minute. If it doesn't boil again, you have too many in the pot.  I boiled the corn for about nine minutes. 

Once the corn is boiled, you want to let them cool in a cold water bath. Place some water and ice in your sink. Allow the corn to soak in the cold water bath for 5-10 minutes.

Now it's time to cut the corn off the cob.   I have to say I LOVE corn on the cob. I wait all winter long just to be able to bite into a cob in the summer.  However I have found through the wonderful world of internet that if you freeze the corn on the cob, when you re-heat it most times than not it turns to mush.  So we decided not to risk it and cut the corn off.  A little trick I picked up for cutting corn off the cob was a angel food pan! 
See how nice it works!  Thanks to Mr. Bacon for making sure I didn't cut my fingers off, he did all the dirty work!  Place the cob of corn over the hole in the middle of the pan and cut away, the kernels fall into the pan and not all over the counter.  A bundt pan would also work well.

 Piles of delicious corn!  It was amazing. I think we at 2 or 3 cobs of corn right as it was cut off. Even Little Miss Bacon my picky eater was sneaking some every time I turned my back!  It was nice to see her want to eat a vegetable on her own!   I placed a good meal size portion of the cut corn into our food saver bags and placed them in the freezer unsealed over night.  By doing this it froze up the liquid still in the corn.  The next morning I sealed the bags and tossed them back into the freezer.  I can't wait to pull a bag out in the middle of winter and enjoy fresh sweet corn!


  1. If you freeze the corn on the cob without cooking it, it does not turn to mush. We don't wash it either. Just remove the silk with a brush. We've been doing our corn that way for years. It will last about a year.

  2. So I wanted to make your life a bit easier for the next time you freeze corn. Try using an electric knife to cut the corn off the cob prior to cooking it and then just cook it a little bit in a skillet and bag/freeze it. It takes a less time.