Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Shining!

 Yes I'm just beaming!  For a few reasons.  First off I found these pictures that were lost in camera space. What is camera space you ask? That's when you download your pictures to your computer and shove them all in a folder because you are in a hurry and forget about them for months until you randomly open it! Surprise, pictures you forgot about.  I was so happy to find these I headed right over here to post them.
But the other reason I'm beaming tonight is from all the love I found from my fans at Pinterest!  Over 3000 views in the past two days! WOW!  Thanks everyone for checking out my little blog.  I hope you all stick around and find helpful stuff.  And as always 'pin' away as long as you give credit back to Ma Bacon and the blog! One other reason to beam, I had such a nice email left for me when I woke up this morning from a blog reader.  It was so nice to be told how much someone else appreciates my blog. Really you guys just amazed me with all the love you sent! Thank you!!

So now back on to these pictures.  Do you have stainless steel appliances?  I will say I told Mr. Bacon many times in the three and a half years we've had these appliances that I would NEVER buy another stainless steel appliance again!  Especially a fridge with a water/ice maker.  They leave horrible water spots (it could be from the 4 bacon kids trying to help themselves too!)

 And it seems like they are always covered with finger prints, those tiny little joys I'm sure I'll miss when they move out, but they seem to love to touch the fridge after I polish it.  I had tried everything to get those water stains out, heck even the finger prints were getting tough to get off with the polish I was using. Oh and it wasn't just the fridge, nope the dishwasher and stove were covered in them too!  So it was off to do some research again. 

I'm happy to say I found something and fell in love instantly thanks to a tip from another mama I know!  She recommended Bar Keepers Friend and I haven't picked up any other polish in over 6 months since.  This comes in a can and it's in a powder form.  And a bonus, it's cheap! Under $1.50 for this bad boy!  So once you get this stuff, what do you do with it?

First you will need a small container. I used an old baby food cup, but anything will do.  Pour some bar keepers friend in it. Honestly I guessed, maybe a 1/4 cup at first. Then add water 1 tsp at a time to the powder and mix until you get a paste.  Then dig out three towels.  I used one rag to put the paste on, one to wash it off and then a microfiber towel to buff afterwards.   
 Work in small sections as you do this. I would do a 8"x8" or so square and then wash it off.  Now there is a trick to putting this on.  First you want to be GENTLE when you put it on or you'll scratch the stainless steel (take it from me first hand!)  Also work in the same direction as the 'grain' of the steel.  This will help minimize any scratches too.  Once you get it on, wipe it off with a rinse rag.  I kept an ice cream pail of water to help rinse too.  Then buff it dry.  It's that simple!  And check out how great it works!  The left half of the fridge has been cleaned, and no more water stains!
 It was amazing. I don't think I've ever been so happy to clean before! Yes I'm sure Mr. Bacon thought I was a bit odd when he heard the squeals of delight as I washed the fridge, but he was happy to not see the ugly water stains too.  Check out how the fridge and dishwasher turned out, pretty amazing I think!


  1. You can also use original lemon pledge... It's what they use in the stores to remove and help prevent fingerprints from all those curious customers and their kids. It's what I use on my stainless steal garbage can (it's the only stainless we have in the kitchen) and it is SOOO easy... spray, scrub, and buff... and no scratches!!! Just be careful not to get it on the floor or your kitchen will become as slick as the local ice rink!

  2. Hi,
    I have worked at Deli's with stainless tables and frig's. After we washed everything down with a mild bleach water rung out towel, and they where dry, we would take a dry rag or towel and put mineral oil on the rag or towel and wipe it all down. A little goes along way! Just a suggestion =)

  3. Well Hello! I just found your blog and must say I am excited! Also a mama from Minnesota. :-) Anywhoo... I recently started using the Norwex products that are becoming increasingly popular in our area. Have you heard of them? A few of the ladies at work, who also have the stainless steel appliances, are using the "window cloth" and are loving it! I am joyful of how easy and green these products are. Can you imagine cleaning your home with just water! Saving this mama so much money!

  4. I was one of those readers that came from Pinterest. I also have 4 children. The older boys eat adult quantities and the younger ones are 8, and will soon be joining in with bigger appetites. With your system I was able to whittle down our grocery budget to 320.00 per month from 700.00. ($200.00 for food, $60.00 for household and animal items, and $60.00 toward our 3 month Costco trip). Wish me luck, I made my Costco stock-up trip today. I am thrilled to be giving this a go! Blessings, Tami

    1. Awesome Tami! I'd love to hear how the trip really went. I know when we started it wasn't all that easy but over time we learned to just stick to our list.

  5. As a professional cleaning person I recommend using a bit of dishwashing liquid in a sink full of water. Every once in a while the appliances just need a good washing on the outside to remove product build-up. Rinse and wipe dry.

  6. I had stainless everything, including toaster and canisters. NEVER AGAIN! I did find the cheapo brand scrubbing bubbles from the dollar store worked the best. Just spray on. Wait a little. Wipe off. Super easy.