Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Frappi

By now you might have guessed, I love my coffee!  The other day I was waiting to pick Little Miss Bacon up from a birthday party and happened to wonder over to Starbucks. Everything smelt SO good, and I love hot coffee. But being over 90 degrees outside and humid enough to swim in the air I really didn't want something hot that day.  I decided on a frappuccino.  It was delicious!  But once again the $4.50 price tag shocked me.  How can one little cup of coffee cost so much?!  I knew there had to be a way to make it for much cheaper, and have a way I could enjoy one all summer long from home without the drive to Starbucks!

I went searching for a recipe.  I found lots of them. Some seemed more interesting than others.  I tried out a few, some were too sweet and other's just didn't have the right taste.  Then I found one that was amazing!  And it's super easy to make. I also just happened to have a few of these in my freezer too!
 When I have extra (GOOD) coffee that Mr. Bacon and I didn't drink the the morning I freeze them in those handy cube trays I make Bacon Bits food in. He's getting a bit big for pureed food now anyway!  It works for freezing coffee cubes to use and this recipe they are perfect for. 

Here's what you need to make your own frappiccino.

Pint size (16oz) mason jar with clean lid and ring- or any 16oz container with a tight lid
3/4 cup strong brewed coffee - any brewed coffee is fine
1 Tbsp chocolate sauce
2 Tbsp of your favorite coffee creamer, I used vanilla carmel. Don't have any? Find out how to make it here!
3/4 cup milk
whipped topping optional- but yummy!
and 3-4 ice cubes

Place your coffee in the jar and add in chocolate sauce, creamer and milk.  
 Next toss in your ice cubes. I add in more of my coffee cubes.  This way when they start to melt there is no watered down coffee flavor in my frappiccino!
 Place the lid and ring on the jar.
 And shake like crazy!  I considered it my workout for the day. Who needs shake weights right?!
 See all the yummy bubbles! Everything looks blended, shaking complete.
 Take off the lid, top it with some whipped topping and a little more chocolate sauce. 
Homemade Frappiccino for pennies!  It's AMAZING good. There's no need to dirty another cup either, add a straw and you're all set.  
Go try it out today!  I'm sure you can't stop with just one. 

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