Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Woof Woof! Bacon Bit's Birthday

Someone told Bacon Bit he could grow up. I'm not sure who but didn't he read the book on being the youngest baby? He can't grow up so fast!  This past weekend Bacon Bit turned 2. Hard to believe my baby is a toddler and running all over.  Thankfully the terrible two's haven't set in yet.  Although I think I remember the three's being worse than two with the other kids.  Regardless if he followed my directions or not on growing up, we had yet another birthday to plan and that includes another cake! 

Lately Bacon Bit's interests have changes like our weather here, one day it's Bob the Builder, the next it's Diego.  Thankfully one thing has stayed the same, his love for his puppy!  This is Puppy, a well loved blankie I made him before he was born. So well loved I need to repair it again. But puppy goes everywhere with him.  So I thought that would be my inspiration for his birthday cake. After all this is probably the last one I get to pick out, next year he'll be telling me what cake he would like to make.  I love making the kids birthday cakes. Not only is it cheaper, it's fun to watch how their interests change over the year with what they want.  So off I went to find ideas on puppy cakes.

I found some inspiration on the Internet for some puppy cupcakes.  A quick trip though the pantry and then off to the store to find some supplies that would work and we were all set to go!  Here is what you need to make these cute puppies yourself:

Cupcakes- homemade recipe or from a box, just bake them up!
Then I took some of these vanilla and chocolate cookies for the face. Twist them apart and use a knife to scrap off the cream filling. Yes the kids loved that I was doing this. They happily volunteered to eat the cookie insides! 

 Next you need to dig out some of these candy pieces for the eyes and nose.  I used yellow for eyes and brown noses. These are Reses' pieces because I had them laying around. M&M or any other candies would work too.  If you don't have candies just frosting works too. 
 Then I mixed up a very small batch of black frosting and put in in a baggie with a piping tip. 
  Now it's time to assemble the cookies.  First take your cream-less cookies and break about a third of the black cookies off to make the ears.  Keep the vanilla one's whole as this will be for puppy's face.
 Next is all about placement. Frost your cupcake. I tinted my frosting brown for this, but pink puppies would be cute too!  Then place the vanilla cookie on the bottom of the frosted cupcake. Add the eyes and use frosting to secure on the nose.  then I added the ears to the top.  Finally I took my black frosting to make eyes and a mouth. There you have it! Aren't they just cute!

  WOOF WOOF WOOF!  A whole bunch of puppies! 
 Add a few candles for the birthday boy and we are set!

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  1. These are so adorable. I hope I can make them for my grandson soon. Happy to find your blog via pinterrest. I raised my 5 kids the way you are raising yours, Tightwad Gazette was like the Bible to me. I spent about 75.00 a week in the 90s with our family of 7. That did not include extra runs for more milk. I think my kids ate more than yours. I still have one teen girl at home and I work full time now- trying to get back on the from scratch bandwagon to save money. Thanks again for posting your blog!