Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's like eating chocolate clouds!

The other day Sister Bacon was up for a visit! I love it when I get to see my siblings because it's not all that often it happens. And the kids loved seeing Auntie Bacon as well.  While she was here I decided to try out a new 'fluff' recipe I found to see if it was good. You know when it's best time to try experimental recipes on your guests right?

 "Here try some of this. If you're still doing good in 5 minutes I'll try some too!"

Normally I try things out first but this one turned out good anyway.  And it's super easy.  The next night I was looking for a quick dessert for the kids and thought I'd whip up some of these pudding fluff cups for them! 

I love this recipe because it's super easy and fast. The kids love it because they can help make it and it tastes awesome! Even Little Boy Bacon said "Mom this tastes just like eating chocolate clouds!"  Man I love that kid!

Here's what you need:

Pudding fluff:
1 box instant pudding- any flavor and any size
1/2 the milk required on box to mix up the pudding
same amount of whip cream as milk. (you can use store bought or mix your own from heavy cream)

Take the pudding and milk and mix together.  If you are using a small box of pudding and it calls for 2 cups of milk, you want to use half the amount or one cup.  If you are using a big box of pudding and it calls for 3 cups milk, you want to use 1.5 cups ect.  Mix those up good. The kids can help with this part. 

 Once it's mixed together, you want to take your whipped cream and fold it in.  Use the same amount of whipped cream as you did milk.  Gently fold, do not mix this or you'll lose the fluffiness.  I usually do this part because none of the kids have figured out what I mean by folding yet. When I said I had to fold the whipped cream in Little boy Bacon asked if it was like folding the towels he as to do for chores!  Someday they'll be expert cooks, until then I'll do the food folding. 

 There you have the pudding fluff! You can do lots of things with this now. Sister Bacon and I just ate it by the spoon full! YUM!  You can add in things like crushed up cookies, mini chocolate chips, M&M's, or other candies.  You can use it as a dip. Some vanilla pudding would make a great fruit dip!  You can even use it to frost a cake with.  Just make sure to store the cake in the fridge once it's frosted.

I decided to crush up some graham crackers I had laying around. 

I put a few scoops into the bottom of a cute dessert cup.  Added a big scoop of the pudding fluff on top and added a dollop of whipped cream I had leftover from the mix.  This was such a huge hit with the kids they even asked for seconds!

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